Friday, April 11, 2008

GBP/JPY 11 April 2008

  1. Here the GBP/JPY s still in the bearish mode as evidenced by the PSAR (the blue and the yellow colors) Alos, the bbands are bearsih.
  2. The blooinger squeeze is showing bullsih signal only if it break 204.24
  3. A continuation o fthe bearish movement is possible if it breaks the 198.00 barrier
  4. The qqe might show a bearish signal in the next couple of days.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

SHI channel indicator

As quoted from forex.eazel
The SHI Channel indicator and as the all of the channel
indicator uses the highest high and lowest low of the price to determine the
upper and lower bands of the channel.
In the SHI Channel The channel is
calculated according to the given period of calculation and the time frame of
the used chart, and the channel is self-adjusted (Like the Bollinger
As you see in figure 1 there are two thick lines that indicates the
upper and lower channel and a dashed center line.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

GBP/USD 4hours chart analysis 19 september 2007

G/U 4 hours chart showed alo the heavy resistance that GBP met at the 50 EMA.

GBP/JPY Daily Analysis 19 September 2007

G/J had been moving sideways on the daily chart. It had been in the range between 234.50 and 228.50. Breakout above or below these levels will confirm a a short term trend, but for nowI think it is better to stay neutral.

Daily GBP/USD analysis 19 september 2007

Daily G/$ chart showed the G/$ strongly rejected the 50 MA, and moved all the way to break the 2.0000 figure again today. For now I think if it broke the 50 MA and closed above it then may be we will see a new bull short term trend until 2.0250 may be.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

EUR/USD daily chart update

EUR/USD daily chart. The EUR broke the support at 1.3330. The direction for tomorrow 3rd April 2007 is bearish.

GBP/JPY weekly chart

GBP is at 234.90 as of the time writing the post. As indicated in the chart, this is a very tough resistance to break. If the price closed above the current level, then more move north is more likely to occur.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

GBP/USD Daily Chart update

If you look at the Doji candle formed on 13th of Feb, you will notice it was followed by a strong bull candle, and the patter repeats as of 19th and 22nd February, and lastly today. This may strongly suggest that we may see a a bullish candle as well. What supports this theory is the strong support line as shown in the chart.

GBP/USD Daily Chart update

GBP/USD is still maintaining a positive outlook, supported by the strong support level as shown in the chart above, where a support line is drawn from 1.9400 on 13th Feb 2007, to 1.9431 on 19th Feb 2007, 1.9459 on 22nd Feb 2007, and finally 1.9514 today 28th February. Although the bullish outlook remains intact, yet the movement in GBP/USD the last couple of week is chaotic, with lack of strong trend direction.

Friday, February 23, 2007

GBP/USD update

GBP/USD reached 1.9651, and then started to bounce on the H4 "Long breakout" level. I moved south reaching 1.9617, an then it found a support on the R1 resistance which is 1.9620 today. Now, there may be sideway movement as of today, but further moving north is not yet ruled out completely. As of the time speaking the GBP/USD is 1.9632 again. So, may be it is resuming its movement north (aka bullish movement)

GBP/USD 15 minutes chart

GBP/USD broke the 1.9639 which is the H4 Long breakout level suggesting that it may continue north as of today. If price today closes at its current levels or higher, this will give a bearish outlook for the next couple of days so far. 1.97-- is highly probable in the next week.

GBP/USD update

GBP/USD broke the 1.9600 level yesterday, and is more likely to reach at least 1.9656 or around that level which is the 50% fibonacci retracement from 1.9914-1.9400 Hi-Lo levels.
For today if you are already on a long position then wait until today's close because more likely that price will go up until the close time.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

GBP/USD update

GBP/USD touched the 1.9600 level today. A breakout of this level tomorrow will most likely reach the 1.9657 which is the 50% fibonacci retracement from the 1.9912 - 1.9400 Hi-Lo.

GBP/USD 15 minute chart update

GBP/USD is finding a strong support at 1.9568 and is currently resuming its upward movement. If the 1.9568 remains intact, then this will support my bullish forecast for tomorrow. GBP/USD is at 1.9582 at the time of writing this post.

GBP/USD 15 minute chart

GBP/USD 15 minute chart starts to show mild retracement from the 1.9595 price. As of the time of writing the 1.9568 holds as a strong support, if it breaks, then the retracement will continu to follow untill the pivot level most likely at 1.9538.

The overall speculation is bullish for the GBP/USD, although the reason for the 100 pips spike today is still not known so far.

GBP/USD update

GBP/USD had broken the triangle formed 14 days ago. If the price closed above the current level of 1.9588 (as of the time writing this post), then I think continue its upward movement of at least 1.9670.